Man takes 20 kilos – and then the skin and eyes turn suddenly yellow

Pain the young man had, but his face and the eyeballs had turned over night. With a yellow-entered the 21-addiction-Year-old to the emergency room of the University hospital in Toronto, Canada. Besides, he was sick and his urine was dark, he said. Apparently, he suffered from acute Hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver. The extremely high liver values in the blood confirmed the suspicion, and without evidence of virus infection.

In addition, the man had taken off in the last time more than 20 pounds. Actually, he was glad, after all, he had done nearly every day and eight weeks long-two a “fat burner” swallowed whole, which should boost his metabolism, daily ten capsules. A Cocktail of plant extracts and vitamins. His doctor Matthew Robinson fell in it an extract the Malabar tamarind Garcinia cambogia on. Had caused the liver damage?

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The tree of India bears yellow-green fruits that look like Mini-pumpkins and in Asia against constipation, hemorrhoids, or intestinal parasites, can be used. The industry is interested in the contained in the Hydroxy-citric acid HCA, because animal experiments have shown, that Garcinia or pure HCA Fat formation and appetite inhibit. On the Internet, all kinds of capsules and tablets are available, including Sprays, to curb the appetite, if you spray it on the tongue.

Unfortunately, the diet effect in humans could not be demonstrated convincingly so far: In studies, patients lost a little more or less weight than subjects who only a Placebo swallowed. Long-term data does not exist, however, to case reports, which suggest that Garcinia and HCA also have unwanted effects.

For patients with heart rhythm disorders or high blood pressure products often contain too much calcium, or potassium, which may bring salt balance, and cardiac function from the Occurs. HCA lowers blood sugar, a Problem for diabetics, which could slip into a Hypo. And in fact, seems to be the fruit of the liver to damage: “Liver toxicity associated with the intake of Garcinia cambogia is a rare, but well documented”, reports Matthew Robinson and colleagues in the “Canadian Journal for General Internal Medicine”.

Also in the “American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy” was in 2018 of possible liver damage due to Diet product read Garcinia to. In 2016, a patient had to be discounted due to liver failure, a new Organ transplant after a day swallowed 1000 milligrams of Garcinia. In 2009, the US drug authority had warned after 23 cases of liver toxicity the diet Supplement Hydroxycut, the Garcinia contained.

The Patient is in Toronto, however also to drink more often in a sociable round of alcohol. The capsules were perhaps not to blame? However, in an evaluation sheet for liver damage caused by medicine, the data of the man delivered a meaningful value: Its inflammation of the liver has been triggered with high probability by the pills, among other things, by tamarind extract. Luckily, the liver, the patient recovered. Nevertheless, the Doctors from Toronto, close their report with the plea to colleagues: patients with acute Hepatitis should always be asked whether you treat yourself to alternative medical.